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Corporate Dental Plans

Dental hygiene plays an important role to our overall health yet, the mouth is undoubtedly the most unnoticed part of the human body.


Our oral health is an indication as to what’s going on with the rest of our body, often serving as a supportive vantage point for detecting the primary signs and symptoms of systemic diseases as a disease may affect not just a single part of the body, but also the entire body. AIDS or diabetes are the examples of systemic conditions. These conditions usually appears as a mouth lesions or other oral problems.


The Corporate Dental Plans was designed to provide dental treatment coverage to corporate staffs. Akin to medical benefits, it is imperative for corporations to include dental benefits for their staffs as dental health is equally important for the benefit of their overall health.



The Corporate Dental Plans that was put together by Q & M Dental Group would benefit both corporation and its staffs, providing accessible and reasonable dental rates. With Corporate Dental Plans, corporations gets the opportunity to practice good oral hygiene amongst its staffs.



  • No signing fee
  • No additional cost
  • Provide affordable dental healthcare plans and rates for employees
  • Extended healthcare benefits for staffs
  • Customizable plans for employees



  • Employees can enjoy discounted dental treatment rates
  • Able to extend coverage to spouse and children
    (Subject to employer’s decision)
  • Optional payroll deduction
    (Subject to employer’s decision)


For more information on the Corporate Dental Plan, please speak to us of your interest by emailing us at or call us at 03-8081 7580.