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A crown is a cap that covers over and protects the whole tooth, restoring the tooth to the original shape, while sealing the tooth and protecting it from further damage.

Reasons for making a crown:

  • When a tooth is badly broken down, a normal filling may not be strong enough for chewing
  • Root canal treatment was done previously
  • To improve the appearance or alignment of the tooth
  • Cracked tooth


CAD CAM (Computer-aided design and manufacturing) crowns use the latest CAD CAM technology to scan the tooth and mill the crown on the same day. So you can get an accurately made crown within a few hours. You do not need to wear a temporary crown or to return for another appointment for fitting.


A bridge is a dental restoration for replacing missing teeth using two or more crowns joined together on the adjacent teeth. The teeth at the side of the missing area are trimmed and the bridge is cemented permanently to replace the missing teeth. Compared to other methods of replacing missing teeth, the bridge is significantly more comfortable than a denture and is cheaper than a dental implant.

Types of materials for crown and bridge:
How to look after crown and bridge?



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