What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

28 August 2013

Getty Image (nice teeth)More and more people are interested in getting their teeth bleached, especially among the young adult population, for aesthetic purpose. The most effective and safe way to do teeth whitening is to visit your dentist.

The in-office bleaching materials used by the dentists usually contain 15%-38% hydrogen peroxide, whereas the hydrogen peroxide content in off-the-shelves bleaching products ranges from 3% to 10% only.

The dentist will do a proper examination and diagnosis first. Every tooth decay or leaking filling must be fixed first. If not, your teeth will become very sensitive after exposure to the whitening material. The peroxide can also damage the tooth nerve if the decays or leaks are left untreated. Gum protection is important too to prevent chemical burns during the procedure.

Visit your dentist soon to get a bright and charming smile.