I did my braces at Q&M Dental Surgery Taipan…They used d new Braces System for me..They charge me RM7k..But the monthly installment only RM200-RM 300 only..Every clinics nw the average charges almost RM6K -7K..The Dr’s over the clinic so kind n gentle..They explain alot n alot about the braces..U oso can try over there

Adriana Ann, LOW YAT FORUM

Good dentist and quality service.

Olive Tam, Q & M Facebook Page

This is might not be the best clinic we ever visited but this is the best dentist( Dr. Jon from Puchong Branch)we ever met!

Edison Chang‎, Q & M Facebook Page

Visited the Solaris outlet. Dentist was very professional, detailed and friendly! Makes me feel she uses passion to help customers obtain a clear understanding of the situation before administering any further actions. Tend to be very phobia about visiting a dentist but Dr. Yang certainly got the job done with close to zero emotional stress! Two thumbs up!

Kai Gt Wei, Q & M Facebook Page

Q & M was very quick and professional. The pricing is also reasonable. Thank you and keep it up!


Visited to Bandar Puteri Puchong branch for scaling and filling. Very professional – explanation of the procedure plus the care to reduce the pain. There was no pain during the procedure. This is my best dental experience so far! Thank you!

TwinMama Pooi Sun, Q & M Facebook Page

Fast n clearly information 🙂


Really very useful and prompt

Emma, Whatclinic

The clinic is very nice and clean and the dentist as well is very friendly and cooperative and helpful too, the denstist is very informative and she is making sure that I will not feel too much pain while undergoing the cleaning procedure of my root canal.

Siti, Whatclinic

Best dentist in town!
Juz got my wisdom tooth extracted and the whole procedure was PAINLESS!
Come here if you want the best! Look for Dr Dennis Lee, if you need a check up!

Michael Tan, Q & M Facebook Page

Good dentist and quality service.

Olivia Tam, Dental Departures

Today I had visited Q&M bandar Puteri puchong and its really impressed me. Prior this visit, we had brought my daughter who 5 yrs old to 2 dentist clinic but unfortunately the tooth not be filled as she has fear felling. DR WONG, the dentist and nurses play with her and talk with her to calm her down. Finally, she willing to open the mouth and let him finished the filling but really exhausting procedure for him. Really thank you Dr Wong and nurses.

Serene Low, Q & M Facebook Page